Interior design is a physical as well as a visual experience.


We will help you find the best way to use the space that you have by optimising the layouts, storage possibilities, natural and artificial light, the usability of the space and create the overall mood and feel that you most desire. 


A good designer will utilize the space that you have and transform it into something that will surprise you, be practical, beautiful and make you feel amazing about your home.

Please take a look at some of our recent projects for a glimpse of what we can offer as well as some inspiration and ideas.


Swiss Cottage Remodel


We took on a project in a conservation area with damp damage and very old original Crittall windows that were falling apart and letting in cold and water. We have obtained permissions from the freeholders, head leaseholders and the planning division of Camden council to make this project a reality.


The property started off as a studio apartment and was transformed into a comfortable one bedroom. 


Below is a 3D visualization of our design for this transformation.